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Son of Hibachi®
Combo Pack


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Combo Pack includes the World Famous Son of Hibachi® Barbeque plus the incrediable Snuff Out Pouch™. $99.95 Delivered Domestic USA Buy Now

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Son of Hibachi® Barbeque


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Son of Hibachi® Individually Shipped

The World Famous Son of Hibachi® Portable Charcoal Burning Barbeque.

$69.95 Delivered Domestic USA


Snuff-Out Pouch™


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Individual Snuff Out Pouch®

The one and only heat resistent Snuff-Out Pouch™ is constructed with a heat proof lining that permits you to pack up Son of Hibachi® after cooking is complete. You will save the unused charcoal for your next cookout. 

Open to Cook Over

Added protection against burns to family, pets or property.  Extra clean; carry and store Son of Hibachi® without the charcoal mess.  Wrap around zipper and side pocket for carrying accessory or barbeque cooking tools.
This Snuff Out Pouch only available with new UPSCALE Unit $39.95 Delivered Domestic USA Buy Now


Battery Operated Triple Spit Rotisserie with Counter Balance


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#1 BATTERY Operated Rotisserie

Battery operated Rotisserie means trouble free cooking no matter where you are.  Cook a Chicken or Roast with 1 battery. Twin brackets clamp to barbeque allowing adjustable spit height.  Chrome plated spit has three sets of tines.  Cook roasts, hams, and fowl all at once.  Handle holds single battery (not included). $39.95 Delivered Domestic USA Buy Now


Solid Griddle


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The optional Solid Cast GRILL & FRYis great for cooking eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes. 1/2 SOLID CAST IRON $24.95 Delivered Domestic USA. Buy Now

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